Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Rave Over One Another In The Sweetest, Most Romantic Way!

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Rave Over One Another In The Sweetest, Most Romantic Way!
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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez continue to be coupe goals! The two always gush over one another every opportunity they get and this new interview was no exception!

That being said, the sportsman and the multitalented entertainer had only good things to say about one another and it’s super cute!

While chatting with Sports Illustrated Jennifer said, among other things that her significant other completes her! Aww….

‘I’ve been in the public eye, I have navigated the media in a certain way, I am creative and artistic and I have all these skill sets. He is a business-minded guy who knows math and money and equity and all of that stuff—like, EBITDA, right? What I was missing, he had. And what he was missing, I had,’ J.Lo. told the news outlet sweetly.

Addressing Alex, she told him that his charm was what immediately won her over.

‘You could have smiled, once. You are silly, you are funny; I know that now. I realized afterwards that he was a little nervous, saying all this stuff you'd never say on a first date,’ she told Alex.

So adorable, right? But wait, because, Alex also brought his A-game as far as his love declaration is concerned!

The man told the publication that ‘She knows how to communicate to the masses in ways I never will. She has this platform that is just ginormous, like 200 million on social media, over 75% of them millennials. She helps me all the time when I am trying to land a point on something. She is just a wordsmith.’

The happy pair got engaged in March and judging by how much they rave over one another, it is safe to say there were no regrets!

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