50 Cent Says Power Isn't Coming To An End Following The Sixth Season

50 Cent Says Power Isn't Coming To An End Following The Sixth Season
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According to a report from BET.com, 50 Cent, who serves as the executive producer of Starz' drama, Power, announced that he was changing his mind regarding the series' future. At the moment, Power i s on its way to finishing its sixth season, and some reports have claimed the production is coming to a close.

However, on his Instagram account, the rapper, also known as Curtis Jackson, said he had "changed his mind" about ending the series which has proven to be quite successful for the network.

The rapper wrote on his account, "I changed my mind, Power is not going to be over after season six."

With that said, other stars on the show have celebrated the series' ending, so fans are skeptical as to whether or not the Get Rich Or Die Tryin' rapper really has as much pull as he's letting on. Regardless, the sixth season of Power will begin on the 25th of August.

There's no question that 50 Cent is a controversial figure, mostly on account of the fact that he loves trolling people on social media. Recently, the Power star accused one of his co-stars from the show, Rotimi, of owing him approximately $300,000.

A few months back, Page Six reported that Rotimi bragged on his social media about the fact his latest EP, Walk With Me, went to the top of the Rhythm and Blues chart. 50 Cent took the opportunity to suggest perhaps Rotimi should use some of the money to pay back the amount he allegedly owes him.

50 Cent wrote a funny remark on his account: "My man, you owe an outstanding $300,0000, now Walk With Me to the bank!" Rotimi told the rapper he had just purchased a home and was taking care of his family, so the money wouldn't be spent on eliminating previous debt.

Fans of 50 know he has been accusing many different people of owing him money online, including even La La Kent's man, Randall Emmett. Ironically, Page Six previously spoke with Rotimi around the same time as 50 Cent asking for money and said that he and Fifty were on good terms.

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