Jennifer Lopez And A-Rod Have No Intentions Of Putting On An Extravagant Wedding Ceremony

Jennifer Lopez And A-Rod Have No Intentions Of Putting On An Extravagant Wedding Ceremony
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According to a report from, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will walk down the aisle soon, however, it won't be a spectacular affair. Reports state that J-Lo and A-Rod are trying to have an intimate ceremony, attended by family and friends, rather than a widely publicized event.

A source who spoke with the publication claims they're not doing a "huge" wedding, and it'll likely include all of the family and only the closest family friends. Furthermore, the outlet claims Max and Emme, as well as Natasha and Ella, will have crucial roles to play. There hasn't been an official date set, however.

Regarding the couple's impending nuptials, the source said that nothing has been finalized. "They are talking about the wedding," but nothing has been set in stone yet. At the moment, the 49-year-old singer is focusing on her career and the 43-year-old baseball player is behind her at every step of the way.

The insider said J-Lo's schedule is "extremely intense," however, she's very stoked at the idea of getting married. The source said Alex is supportive of her, and he'll be at a majority of her concerts over the course of the summer.

As most know, J-Lo has been a massive star in the music scene - as well as an actress - for the last thirty years, first coming to prominence as a singer in the 1990s. For many years, she was one of few, perhaps the only Latin-American singer with the exception of Selena and Mariah Carey.

Now that J-Lo and others have paved the way, many other Hispanic singers and actresses have come to nation-wide fame such as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Camila Cabello.

Before she was linked to A-Rod, J-Lo dated men like Ben Affleck as well as Marc Anthony - also a Latin-American singer. To date, J-Lo is one of the best selling artists of all time and is arguably the best selling Hispanic artist of all time, in addition to her ex, Marc.

Back in 2012, Forbes Magazine ranked J-Lo as the most powerful celebrity of the time, and also the 38th most powerful woman.

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