Jennifer Garner And John Miller On The Path To Marriage Already?

Jennifer Garner And John Miller On The Path To Marriage Already?
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Are Jennifer Garner and her new man, John Miller, seriously thinking about tying the knot soon? Some pals of the actress believe the two are heading for the altar!

The CEO and chairman of Cali Group and the Hollywood star have been romantically involved for less than a year, but despite that, rumor has it that they are ready to become husband and wife.

One insider shared with Us Weekly that despite their relationship being pretty new, Garner and Miller are more in love than they have ever been before.

The source also noted that one of the reasons why their romance just works so well is that Jennifer really likes having a partner out of the spotlight.

Apparently, she ‘admires John because he is just normal.’

It probably also helps that they do not work in the same field, meaning that they separate love and work.

As fans know, Jennifer Garner and her ex Ben Affleck announced their separation back in 2015 but they actually divorced in November of 2018, only a month before the actress was spotted with her new man.

The source explained that ‘No one would be surprised if they got engaged by summer. John has discussed marrying Jen.’

Their nuptials would also mean a blended family since the man has two kids while Jen has three of her own as well.

And because John is a father as well, he understands very well that Jen is going to always put her young ones first.

‘She sees John only when she isn't busy with her kids. He understands they are her number one priority.’

Do you think it is a good idea for them to get married so soon or not?


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