Jenn Harley Wishes Ronnie Magro A Happy Father's Day But Their Relationship Is Allegedly Still Rocky

Jenn Harley Wishes Ronnie Magro A Happy Father's Day But Their Relationship Is Allegedly Still Rocky
Credit: Source: Instagram

Jen Harley and Ronnie Magro are always hot and cold when it comes to their relationship. However, it seems that they do the best job they can co-parenting.

Harley took to social media to wish her baby daddy a happy Father's Day.

The post included images of Ronnie and Ariana alongside a caption that read: 'Gym,tan, baby has been your ritual since Ariana has been born ! You have been an amazing father since day 1 , you have always shared the load of getting up at night ,changing diapers , bath time together, sick days ,comforting her when she’s just not having a good day , We couldn’t ask for a better dad dad dad than you! Thank you for being the best father to our daughter we love you👨🏽.'

Since Ron revealed that he completed rehab, things have been unusually quiet for the two these past few months prompting the public to believe that they finally got it together. Additionally, the parents took their one-year-old to Disney World for the first time.

However, things are not always as they seem. Although the family excursion seemed to be fun and peaceful on the outside, sources claim that the two are still on the rocks in reality.

Even going to the happiest place on earth didn't stop the two from having a spat. A report from TMZ recounted the tense space between them on the flight to the amusement parks.

'Once on board, we're told Ronnie sat 3 rows behind Jen and their 1-year-old daughter, Ariana Sky. They didn't speak AT ALL on the flight. We don't know if they intentionally sat apart, or if they weren't able to book next to each other -- it was a pretty full flight. When they landed, we're told Jen yelled at Ron to grab their bags.'

This is one of the more tame incidents that's been reported between the two. The last public spat that the couple had was on New Year's Day when Jen hurled an ashtray at her baby daddy's face that ultimately landed her in the slammer .


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