Jeannie Mai's Revelation About Having A Poor Understanding Of Jeezy's Culture Gets Mixed Reactions -- See The Video That Has People Talking

Jeannie Mai's Revelation About Having A Poor Understanding Of Jeezy's Culture Gets Mixed Reactions -- See The Video That Has People Talking
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Jeannie Mai has opened up about her relationship with Jeezy recently, and the two have been a hot topic for many of their fans ever since it came to light that they were dating.

It is not the first time Mai's fans have commented on her dating habits and preferences, and in some cases, she has received some negativity over her choices.

However, at this point, it looks like almost everyone is entirely on board with the idea of her dating Jeezy. However, according to Mai, it has not been easy.

The biggest problem, according to her, is her poor understanding of Jeezy's culture, something which Mai is trying to correct to the best of her abilities.

She has explained that she felt responsible for learning more about Jeezy's culture and integrating it into her own life, and she seems to be serious with those statements too, as she has been making various moves in this direction.

The TV personality said on a radio show: “I think when you look at the word ‘interracial,’ you should really look at it as ‘interresponsible.’ It is a responsibility when you date outside of your race to learn about that culture because not everybody’s experience is the same.”

She went on to reveal: “When he steps into my house, he takes off his shoes, and he knows how Vietnamese people do it. When I met him, I was like, ‘I want to go to Hawkinsville [Georgia]. Show me exactly this yellow house that you grew up in, and how did you start your business and how did you understand how to make a dollar. I actually loved it.”

Mai seems very happy with her relationship with the famous rapper/activist. She also explained how Jeezy has been a passionate, introspective partner, and pointing out that he was very deep in his conversations, while also being a strong leader.

It looks like Mai is in the right place right now, and she has not been shy about expressing this to the world either.

One critic said: "Technically you’ve BEEN in an interracial relationship before your man was WHITE. Interracial is not just for black mixed with other races 🤦🏾‍♀️ second I don’t like so ?.?🏾‍♀️"

Another commenter claimed: "Alright already!😒 I wish she give us a break! Ok, your dating Jeezy😔 you’re not the first to date outside your race, and you won’t be the last😒😒 it’s just too much. She messed with black meat before! thisThisuld be the mindset even if y’all the same race ... learn about each other period."

This backer revealed: "Don’t understand why y’all dragging her? Nothing she said was wrong. Y’all be negative in these comments for no reason 🙄. You guys complain about everything. I completely agree with what she’s saying. I’m sure she has learned some of the cultures with black friends, but when your dating someone it’s different. You truly want to learn it all so you can have the best relationship 🙌🏿."

Will she continue to talk about the relationship?

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