Jeannie Mai Shows Mad Love To Jeezy With New Photos -- And Jokes About Getting Pregnant

Jeannie Mai Shows Mad Love To Jeezy With New Photos -- And Jokes About Getting Pregnant
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TV host Jeannie Mai has decided to celebrate Jeezy's birthday in style with a few photos and a lovely message.

Via social media, Jeannie posted a picture where she is standing near two bicycles alongside Jeezy and used the following caption: "Til the wheels fall off baby. Happy Bday @jeezy. 🙃"

The rapper also shared a photo of his birthday celebration with the following caption: "When you beat the odds, everyday ya birthday‼ #Keepgoing."

One fan had this reaction: "He is a great guy. He is from my hometown, and my niece is his cousin, so I remember him from way back when he was younger. He still does wonderful things for his hometown when he can. Great guy and by the way I so love the videos with u and mama Mai. Much love all the way from Hawkinsville ga."

There has been some speculation about the way things between Jeezy and Jeannie have been going for some time now, but the rapper's fans were mostly left in the dark about the real state of affairs.

Jeezy officially announced his relationship with Jeannie on Instagram a few weeks ago, and he has drawn a lot of positive attention to his situation as a result.

That did not seem to take many of his supporters by surprise, however, as there was already active speculation that Jeezy and the co-host of The Real might be in a relationship.

Despite the fact that the two were relatively secretive about the way things between them were going, this did not stop their fans from digging around and finding out this and that about them. And it did not take long for it to become obvious that there was indeed something between the two.

Will they be more open about their relationship in the future? It's hard to tell.

Jeezy seems to have a more private approach to his life, and while this could work well for his relationship, it could also put him in an uncomfortable spot with regards to his fans, who will surely always be hungry for more information.

As for Jeannie, she has been talking quite a bit about the romance. She even joked in the comment section in one of Remy Ma's photos that she has gotten pregnant because she looked so stunning.


However, both stars have also made it clear that they know how to handle interacting with their fans, so followers would not be surprised if they are already planning something in this regard.

It will take some time for that to become obvious, though.

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