Jeannie Mai Got The Ultimate Birthday Gift From Boyfriend Jeezy In Sweet Videos

Jeannie Mai Got The Ultimate Birthday Gift From Boyfriend Jeezy In Sweet Videos
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Jeannie Mai had an epic birthday party with a very special gift from her boyfriend, Jeezy.

The co-host of The Real attended a lavish event in Miami with all her friends and family by her side, and Jeezy brought R&B singer Tevin Campbell to perform for his lady love.

In a video posted on social media, Jeezy, who was also hosting a New Year's Eve bash, could be heard saying: “Happy birthday, baby. I can’t sing, but I got somebody to come sing ‘Happy Birthday.'”

Jeannie, who will be 41 on January 4, was shocked and fell the floor as Campbell walked in the room and sang his hit song, “Can We Talk.”

Fans of the power couple can recall that they sang the song a few months ago while driving around. Jeannie took to social media to thank her man for the special surprise: “@Jeezy baby. Thank you for the bestest birthday gift….of you in my life.”

Jeannie's mother, Olivia TuTram Mai, delighted fans by sharing tons of photos from the fun-filled party and had this hilarious caption: "Happy New Year 2020 Celebrate party in Miami Florida as especially surprised my daughter, great time...good time to talk sh*t 888, I had to deal with GJ friends 🤣 family🤣😅great foods, great drinks, great DJ 😘love it😜 ...oh I forget to tell you, I call Lyft, one way cost me $30, when I come back same distance cost me 60 dollars double, and I have to wait half an hour, I can not be BELIEVE it, they ripoff my money in Miami NEW YEAR day CRAZY 😥😥😥. So next year, I stay home to save money more safety or walk to my neighbor celebrate, see how much I love my neighbor, appreciated cause they always pick up my mail when I am out of town kakaka😅🤣😅🤣😅, BUT I had great time this year fam🥰😘🤩😍😅🤣 thanks so much👍 GJ and my daughter, now Mamamai ready fly to Jamaica continue talk shit a to gain with new friends fam😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣see you later."

The TV personality and Jeezy announced that they were dating in January 2019. They have become more popular with fans.

Jeannie was previously married to Freddy Harteis for ten years and got a divorce in 2017 because they could not agree on having children.

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