James Earl Jones Dragged Into Social Media Debate Regarding Voice Actor Casting For Big Mouth

James Earl Jones Dragged Into Social Media Debate Regarding Voice Actor Casting For Big Mouth
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The New York Post reported today that Jenny Slate And Kristen Bell's step-down from voicing TV characters this past week hasn't stopped the controversy surrounding the topic. In case you missed it, the aforementioned actresses stepped down from Big Mouth due to accusations of "white-washing."

In response to the controversy, social media users pointed out that a black man, James Earl Jones, had voiced Darth Vader in Star Wars without subjection to accusations of racism. Since then, the conversation has continued around the same casting.

One Twitter user stated that James Earl Jones played a white guy and no one had an issue with it. The comment was in relation to the fact that the 38-year-old actress, Kristen Slate, portrayed Missy Foreman-Greenwald for Netflix's popular animated series, Big Mouth.

The Twitter user went on to say that a voice actor's job is to bring a voice to a character, rather than a race. In response to the argument, a user suggested that Darth Vader wasn't really a "white guy," but a man in a suit whose identity hadn't been revealed at that time.

Clearly, not everyone was on board with casting actors based on their race. An additional user joked that James Earl Jones was about to come out and apologize for voicing a lion, taking a job away from a lion in Africa.

As most know, the issue of race and politics has contined to generate conversations on social media ever since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The man's death sparked a plethora of protests around the country and even some parts of the world.

This past Wednesday, Hulu eliminated three episodes of Scrubs that featured characters wearing blackface. This wouldn't be the first time that blackface has been in the news either.

Earlier this year, Jimmy Fallon had to come out and apologize for wearing blackface near the start of his career. Although, stars such as Jamie Foxx defended Fallon, arguing that he was just making fun of Chris Rock, and not black people in general.

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