Jameela Jamil Apologizes For Coming Out As 'Queer' At The Wrong Time

Jameela Jamil Apologizes For Coming Out As 'Queer' At The Wrong Time
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During a new interview with Variety for their web series, Variety Live, Jameela Jamil revealed she made a big mistake recently. The star admitted to the reporter, "sometimes, I do f*ck up," but when she realizes she's wrong, she always apologizes.

Jameela has certainly encountered several controversies over the last few years, including when she was criticized for starring in the show on HBO Max, Legendary.

The series revolved around ball culture, which was created, for the most part, by the black and Latin LGBTQ community near the ending of the late 1980s. Not long after the controversy began, Jamil came out as "queer," which she later admitted was a mistake.

According to the actress, she didn't tell anyone about her sexual orientation because she has a South Asian background, and they don't have many "queer idols." The British actor, who has an Indian and Pakistani background, claimed that in the culture she comes from, there isn't much "conversation" around the subject.

The actress hopes that by her coming out, maybe other people from a similar background and orientation will do the same. In the meantime, Jamil has also been practicing social distance like nearly everyone else in the Western hemisphere.

The star is keeping herself busy by writing a new screenplay and also a book. Jamil joked that she almost never has a plan, which may be why her career has been all over the place. In terms of what's next, she may become a rapper.

Regardless of the continuous changes in her career, Jamil doesn't back down from a fight. It's impossible not to credit her for her convictions. Last month, Jamil got into a very public social media spat with a writer.

The online exchange started over past comments that Jamil made regarding supposed medical conditions she suffered from. Put another way, the writer didn't believe she had any of the conditions she had and was merely portraying herself as a "survivor" for publicity.

Jamil said to the outlet that she's not the type of person who "rises above." She doesn't turn away from a fight.

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