Jake Cannavale Takes To Twitter To Trash Rise Of Skywalker

Jake Cannavale Takes To Twitter To Trash Rise Of Skywalker
Credit: Source: ETCanada.com

Jake Cannavale, the actor who plays a supporting role in The Mandalorian , a Star Wars web series, is apparently not a big fan of the recent installment of the franchise, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Reported by the New York Post, Cannavale took to his Twitter to send a message to the world.

On his social media account, Cannavale trashed the latest movie in the popular series, stating that it was even worse than Phantom Menace, which is arguably the most unpopular installment of the Star Wars films.

On his IG, Digital Spy reported, Cannavale stated that the movie was definitely the worst Star Wars movie by far. He described it as an "absolute f*cking failure." According to Jake, the story was littered with plot-holes and errors, in addition to terrible writing and dialog.

Jake added there was a superfluous number of "by the ways," written into the script. Jake made his comment on his Instagram Story, so it was subsequently deleted. Reportedly, the 24-year-old actor portrays an aspiring bounty hunter in an episode of The Mandalorian , which first started in November.

Even though he has experience working in the franchise, many people online weren't happy with his remarks, including one person who described him as a "talentless hack," and accused him of criticizing the movie for publicity only.

Whether the movie was good or not, Rise of Skywalker performed up to expectations at the box office this weekend, soaring to approximately $190 million in its opening weekend, making it the 8th highest-grossing domestic film of all time.

The movie out-performed Avengers: Age of Ultron , although, it wasn't adored by critics. However, thus far, the film has received an 86% rating from audiences. It has a 57% rating from critics. Bob Mondello, writing for NPR, claimed the movie didn't do anything new or distinctive, however, it was good enough to please audiences.

Richard Brody, writing for The New Yorker, echoed the claims of Jake who said the logic of the plot-line was "ridiculous."


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