Disney Warns Of Possible Seizure Risk When Viewing Upcoming Rise Of Skywalker

Disney Warns Of Possible Seizure Risk When Viewing Upcoming Rise Of Skywalker
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Following the box office disappointment, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney chose to take a break from the series due to what they perceived as franchise exhaustion.

However, after a brief hiatus, Disney has a brand new installment of the Star Wars franchise on the verge of release, Rise Of Skywalker, although, the studio chose to heed a warning to their legion of fans for a very specific reason. Deadline claims the Walt Disney Corporation is asking exhibitors of the movie to warn audiences that the film may increase the chance of a seizure.

Opening on the 20th of December, the film reportedly poses a risk to those who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. In what was an untypical decision, Disney sent out a letter to warn theaters that the movie may cause health problems in epilepsy sufferers.

Additionally, the Epilepsy Foundation issued another warning of their own, while also praising Disney for the letter. According to Deadline, approximately 3 and a half million Americans suffer from epilepsy and another 3% have some type of photosensitivity issue.

As most know, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is slated to be yet another big win for Disney, after a very successful year at the box office in 2019. Some of their biggest movies included Lion King, Aladdin, despite many of them being remakes of classic films.

However, the company hasn't been without problems. Earlier this year, Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, released his memoir in which he stated that he and other Disney executives made George Lucas feel betrayed by the fact they never chose to follow the plot-lines he had previously laid out.

In his memoir, Mr. Iger said it appeared as though the Star Wars creator felt "betrayed" by their decision to move on with the franchise in an entirely different way.

Moreover, some lifelong fans of the series were disappointed as well by the change of direction. With that said, the franchise has continued to be a smart move for Disney, who has since made billions from the purchase of Lucasfilm.

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