Jack Osbourne Divorce Final Estranged Wife Lisa Stelly Will Be Paid $1 Million

Jack Osbourne Divorce Final Estranged Wife Lisa Stelly Will Be Paid $1 Million
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Jack Osbourne has finalized his divorce from estranged wife, Lisa Stelly.  Almost one year after announcing that they were party ways, the former couple has come to an agreement regarding spousal support, child support and custody of their three children.

TMZ obtained documents detailing the settlement between Osbourne and Stelly. He does not have to pay her monthly spousal support. However, she will receive a one-time payment of $1 million, which will be tax-free. Court papers have also revealed that the only son of Ozzy and Sharon has already given his ex-wife 300,000, so she could buy a house for her and their kids.

Osbourne and Stelly are parents to 6-year-old Pearl, 3-year-old Andy, and 1-year-old Minnie. They announced news of their separation three months after Minnie was born. Osbourne has agreed to pay $7,000 in monthly child support but the parents will have joint custody of the kids They decided each one will have legal and physical custody because it is in the best interest of their precious babies.

Another stipulation when it comes to their little ones is that neither parent can post about their former relationship on social media. There is to be no public shaming for either Stelly or Osbourne by the other one. Along with no bashing on social media, no books, movies or TV shows will be written about their relationship by either party.

The entire settlement was amicable, with each one working toward a civil agreement where they both walked away with what they initially wanted. Osbourne will keep his production company Osbourne Media. Stelly has obtained all rights to her Fancy Sprinkles company.

When news of the end of their marriage broke, Jack Osbourne swore that the couple would always remain the best of friends. His theory was tested rather quickly after the break-up. Reports surfaced in August the Osbourne punched Lisa Stelly's new boyfriend Michael G. Gabel.

Radar Online shared that the two men at a heated altercation at Stelly's home in the middle of the night. The cops were called, but no charges were filed against the TV personality because Gabel refused. It was unclear what caused the argument, but then men agreed to settle the dispute amicably once the police got involved.


His marriage is over, but Osbourne is looking toward the future and focusing on his babies. Plus, he got to keep all his artwork, which is extremely important to him so it is on to the next chapter.


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