Irina Shayk Explains Why She And Bradley Cooper Like To Keep Things So Private

Irina Shayk Explains Why She And Bradley Cooper Like To Keep Things So Private
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Irina Shayk, the girlfriend of Bradley Cooper, sat down for an interview with reporters from Glamour Magazine and revealed why she and her man, whom she shares a child with, like to keep their private life concealed and away from the public.

Bradley and Shayk - who hails from Russia and came to prominence as a supermodel for Victoria's Secret - have a 22-year-old daughter named Lea and they're quite adamant as to never exposing her likeness to the public, ever.

The star said to the outlet that she has many friends who share much of their life on social media as well as on Instagram. And while she admires their courage, it's mostly about "personal choice," the star remarked, and frankly, she and Bradley have made their decision.

The 33-year-old Victoria's Secret model said, "I just decided my personal life will be quiet." Shayk joked that there is a reason why people use the adjective, "personal," to describe it, rather than "public." You can't say it's personal if it's all out in the open for the entire world to see.

Previously, Bradley Cooper made an appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , and the actor reportedly told Ellen that he refused to talk about his daughter with Irina, but the audience wanted to hear about it, so DeGeneres probed him on it anyway.

Moreover, Irina and Bradley rarely appear on the red carpet. But sometimes they do come out as a couple, including at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards while in Beverly Hills on the 6th of January.

Back in March of 2017, Irina and the A Star Is Born actor brought their first baby into the world, and thus far, there hasn't been a single picture released to the public. When speaking with W Magazine previously, Irina said that being a mother was one of the "greatest things in the world."

Speaking on their baby, and her growing family with Cooper, Irina said that while it hasn't "changed her life" at all, it caused her to look at things a little differently. She then went on to say that family is the most important thing to her.

These days, big things are happening for Bradley Cooper, who just released his critically acclaimed movie with Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born . The film was nominated for several awards this year at the Oscars.

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