Iggy Azalea Stuns In Orange Bathing Suit After Becoming A Mom!

Iggy Azalea Stuns In Orange Bathing Suit After Becoming A Mom!
Credit: Source: grammy.com

It has not even been that long at all since Iggy Azalea gave birth to her very first baby but she looks like she has not changed at all! The rapper is back in shape (if she ever was out of it since no one actually saw her before welcoming her son) and ready to flaunt her impressive curves.

Iggy took to her go-to platform on social media to share a pic of her posing in an orange bathing suit, and it is safe to say that she looks as great as ever!

The star, as you might know, announced the birth of her son, as well as his unique name – Onyx – only two weeks or so ago.

The Australian rapper felt like posting a treat for her millions of fans and so, she shared a really hot photo of her in a bright orange swimsuit from fashion label Fashion Nova that a lot of other stars also love and promote a lot online.

That being said, the female emcee put her rock hard abs on display much to the bewilderment of her followers who do not understand how she could have been pregnant only months ago!

In the caption, she acknowledged that she is post-pregnancy, writing: ‘baby weight. Baby? Wait – this a baby waist. @fashionnova.’ Damn right!

Her toned body is to die for, and her tiny waist with huge hips is as 'goals' as ever!

It definitely seemed like every inch of her body was toned and in top shape as she posed with her hands above her head like a real model.

Furthermore, a great touch was the fact that her choice of swimsuit actually perfectly matched her bright orange locks!

Finally, her makeup was flawless as well for the photoshoot and fans could not help but gush over her beauty in the comment section.

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