Ice Cube And NWA's Classic Song About Police Brutality Quadruples In Streams Amid George Floyd Protests

Ice Cube And NWA's Classic Song About Police Brutality Quadruples In Streams Amid George Floyd Protests
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One of NWA's most controversial songs, "F*ck Tha Police," has been streamed around 400% more than normal amid the Black Lives Matter protests this year. Several outlets, including Global News, reported that classic song has been a fan favorite amid the demonstrations.

Rolling Stone reported that from the 27th of May until the 1st of June, the track went up by 272%. Another song that demonstrators and other users have been listening to is "This Is America," from Childish Gambino. The outlet says that streams of the song increased by 149%.

NWA has gone on to become the most legendary hip-hop group of all time, among a few others. One of its primary members, Ice Cube, has been very vocal regarding the demonstrations as well.

Ice Cube, the former NWA member, was supposed to appear on ABC's Good Morning America on the 28th of May, but after the death of George Floyd while in police custody, the rapper postponed his appearence.

The rapper took to his twitter to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to him coming on the show, but he said at the time that he was no "no mood to tell America, good morning." As it was previously reported, Ice Cube was quickly lauded by many of his fans, with some exceptions.

One particular user said that Ice Cube should've used his massive platform to speak about the injustice faced by the fallen man. However, Ice Cube said he was "done talking."

Later, Ice Cube went on to say that the people who are guilty of these crimes know the difference between right and wrong, so there was nothing to talk about.

Around the same time, Ice Cube posted a picture of what appeared to look like Derek Chauvin wearing a hat that said, "Make America White Again." Chauvin is the police officer who killed George Floyd by pressing his knee on his neck while Floyd complained of not being able to breathe.

Ice Cube went on to say that the FBI knows more than anybody who is and isn't a racist in the police department. The problem is just that they don't really care.

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