Hilaria Baldwin Knew She Was Pregnant Again Following Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin Knew She Was Pregnant Again Following Miscarriage
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During a new conversation with the outlet, People Magazine, Hilaria Baldwin shared that when she got pregnant again, she just knew it deep down inside. The 36-year-old mother of four said to the publication that she "knew right away."

According to Alec Baldwin's partner, she knew before she even took the test that she was pregnant, and right as those familiar feelings began brewing, she got a test and discovered her intuition was correct. "And right when I thought it would turn positive, it did!" the star shared.

As it was previously reported, Hilaria revealed she and her man were going to have another baby on the 6th of April, approximately five months after the loss of their baby girl. She was four months pregnant when she miscarried.

Fans of the Baldwin family know The Living Clearly Method writer miscarried again last year in April. Due to the stress from another loss, Hilaria and her husband chose to take a break.

Baldwin went on to tell People Magazine that with the advent of the coronavirus, it didn't seem like a good time to share her happy news with the world, thus, turning the attention toward herself and her family. Her friends told her it was "ok" to talk about good things, and for that reason, she felt convinced to tell the world.

In many ways, the coronavirus has forced her and her family to spend a lot more time together, and it comes at a good time considering she's currently in her second trimester surrounded by closest family members and friends.

Hilaria shared that Alec has been cooking a lot lately and it's been great. Baldwin added that Alec's routine hasn't changed much since the coronavirus began, mostly because he insists on taking them everywhere.

While things have been going extremely well for the couple since they first married in June 2012, Hilaria shared that there have been difficult moments between them. Baldwin claimed she and Alec have "of course, had (our) moments."

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