Hilaria Baldwin Dishes On What Its Like To Have Step Kids In Comparison To Biological Ones - "It's A Delicate Matter"

Hilaria Baldwin Dishes On What Its Like To Have Step Kids In Comparison To Biological Ones - "It's A Delicate Matter"
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Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of Alec Baldwin, often shares intimate moments with the world on social media, notably with her family of four children with Alec. However, one person who doesn't often appear in her posts is Ireland Baldwin, her 23-year-old step-daughter.

In an Instagram post revealed on Thursday, Hilaria admitted that she doesn't post pictures of Ireland very often, but not because she doesn't love her as much. She stated that posting such images of someone else's daughter is a "delicate matter," and one has to tread lightly.

Hilaria wrote on her account that she often hears of terrible step-parents stories, so she was quite careful when first entering into a relationship with Baldwin, who already had a daughter with his ex-wife, Kim Basinger.

Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, and Romeo, all young children she shares with Alec, are doing well but she is within her rights as a parent to post pictures of them because they are her own. Such a statement can't be made regarding Ireland.

As for what prompted Hilaria to defend her honor, she said that mean and cruel social media comments are to blame. Baldwin claimed she becomes a "mommy lioness" whenever her children are involved. She respects Alec's ex-wife, who is already the mother of her daughter with Alec. Also, Ireland is at an age where she doesn't need another mother.

The 35-year-old went on to say that when she first started dating Alec, she had to ensure that it was ok with Ireland for her to proceed. Ever since Hilaria and Alec first got married in 2012, Hilaria hasn't been shy when it comes to controversial topics.

Last week, when speaking with the hosts of Today, she discussed what it was like to go through a devastating miscarriage. As it was noted above, Alec was previously linked to Kim Basinger for several years, a marriage in which she gave birth to Ireland.

Alec comes from an already big family, including Stephen Baldwin, who has a daughter, Hailey, the wife of Justin Bieber.

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