Henry Winkler Dishes Decades Long Feud With Tom Hanks

Henry Winkler Dishes Decades Long Feud With Tom Hanks
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Actor Henry Winkler is finally dishing on his decades' long feud with Tom Hanks. Yes, the two Hollywood icons are not big fans of each other.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Winkler was placed in the hot seat thanks to one caller. During the portion of the show where Cohen lets fans call in and ask questions, the Fonz was put on the spot.

The curious caller asked Winkler what went down between the two men on the set of the 1989 film, Turner & Hooch .

"What was the real reason why you and Tom Hanks didn't get along on the set of Turner & Hooch , and did you ever wind up seeing that movie?" the fan asked.

"I was directing that movie for 13 days, and then I was called into Jeffrey Katzenberg's chairman of Disney Studios at the time office. 'Do you have everything with you? Go home," the Barry star expressed.

The 73-year-old then slighted shading Hanks by remaking before being fired he got along with the dog.

"I got along great, great with that dog. Love that dog," the Emmy winner said.

Host Andy Cohen got in on the action by asking if Winker ever saw the film he was fired from that starring Hanks.

"I don't even remember the title of that movie," Winkler said.

The Happy Days alum was replaced as director by Roger Spottiswoode. Winkler and Hanks' feud has slipped under the radar for thirty years. Neither of them has ever spoken out, until now, regarding what went down on the film set.

Both men have also never bad-mouthed the other one either. Whatever happened all those years ago was enough to get Winkler booted from the film. It is interesting that the Hollywood stars never expressed their dislike of each other.

Even during the interview, Winkler never says a bad word about Hanks. These days when celebrities are feuding, it becomes a no holds bar social media war. Perhaps the reason for Hanks and Winkler's silence is it was a different time back then, or they are both merely too classy to trash talk fellow actors.

Henry Winkler may not like Tom Hanks, thanks to getting fired from Turner & Hooch, but he is keeping his thoughts to himself. Their silence is classy. However, it does make one more curious as to what happened back in the day.

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