Martin Scorsese Slams Marvel Movies - Claims They're Not Real 'Cinema' They're 'Theme Parks'

Martin Scorsese Slams Marvel Movies - Claims They're Not Real 'Cinema' They're 'Theme Parks'
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According to a report from Page Six, Martin Scorsese isn't impressed with the wave of Marvel and comic book films of the last two decades. Speaking with reporters from Empire, Martin claimed that Marvel movies and other more serious films are diametrically opposed to each other, describing traditional films as "cinema" and Marvel movies as "theme parks."

The director said to reporters from the outlet that he tried watching them but just couldn't do it, going on to say that the movies are "actors doing the best they can under the circumstances." He said the closest comparison he could make was to call them "theme parks."

Scorsese, who just finished his critically acclaimed The Irishman starring Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci, described comic book movies as lacking the ability to showcase the emotional and psychological experiences of a human to another.

It's unclear, however, what Martin thinks of the recent newest comic book movie, Joker, which critics have adored thus far. Furthermore, the director of the aforementioned film, Todd Phillips, named several of Martin's movies as primary influences, including Taxi Driver as well as King Of Comedy.

Martin's newest movie is slated to hit Netflix for streaming on the 27th of November. Fans of the iconic director know that the last time he worked with Mr. De Niro was in the 1995 movie, Casino . Fans have long wondered whether or not they would ever work as a pair again.

Previously, Martin's latest directorial effort was in the headlines for the way in which they de-aged the aforementioned actors in a production process. Martin claimed previously that he and the rest of his crew struggled to find funding for the movie, however, Netflix was able to finally offer up what they needed.

The director thanked the head of the creative department and stated the movie wouldn't have been made without them fronting the money for the expensive de-aging process. Ironically, Robert De Niro, the film's lead, was recently dragged into a lawsuit with a former employee who accused him of gender discrimination and harassment.

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