Tom Hanks Says Bruce Willis Is His 'Nemesis' Now - Here's Why!

Tom Hanks Says Bruce Willis Is His 'Nemesis' Now - Here's Why!
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There is no doubt that both Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis are massive names in Hollywood, being pretty much just as successful. However, Willis may have won over Hanks when it comes to singing the ET theme song!

While in attendance at the premiere of his latest project, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood at the Toronto Film Festival, he chatted with the news outlet, joking about the rivalry with the other actor.

‘Where am I on the standings?’ he wondered during the interview.

As it turns out, he is number two, Willis being the first with 18 times!

Hanks has apparently sung the theme song about 13 times so he was quick to try and dethrone him by singing it for a fourteenth.

Before that, upon finding out he’s second, the actor jokingly exclaimed: ‘Curse him! My nemesis!’

‘Thank you, by the way, for never changing this theme song. We used to have lyrics to it. We made up bad lyrics - maybe you sing them around the office. 'Here's the folks in showbiz. Boo doo doo doo! Going to give 'em some diz! Boo doo doo doo!'’ Hanks recalled.

As you may've been able to tell, the rivalry between the two was all for fun and in fact, Hanks is a huge fan of kindness, he went on to share while talking about his new movie.

In A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, he plays the late Fred Rogers and the star mentioned they have that quality in common.

‘Kindness is a word which can be made little of, because it means somehow you are a sap and that is not the case. I think that being kind is understanding that probably everyone has had as tough a time as you have. And anyone trying to do their job has gone through just as many struggles as you, up to that one single moment, so just give everyone a fair share. That is being kind,’ the actor shared.

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