Hayden Panettiere Will Become A Staunch Fighter Against Domestic Violence Sources Say

Hayden Panettiere Will Become A Staunch Fighter Against Domestic Violence Sources Say
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Earlier this month, it was reported that Hayden Panettiere was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, who was charged with felony assault. The Daily Beast says Hayden is now speaking out about domestic violence.

On her Twitter account, Panettiere previously wrote how she has chosen to come out with her story as a way of empowering other victims of domestic violence. You can check out her tweet from last week below:

Hayden explained how she just wanted to make sure that her ex-boyfriend would never hurt another person ever again . Alan Jackson, Hayden's lawyer, released a statement to The Daily Beast in which he claimed his client was subjected to abuse for many years.

As it was previously reported, the police arrested Hickerson on domestic violence charges after he allegedly punched his ex-girlfriend in the face. The state of Wyoming considers such a crime as a misdemeanor, however, he was detained.

Back in April, Us Magazine claimed Hickerson had pled not guilty to assaulting his then-girlfriend. Since then, sources who spoke with People Magazine claimed Hayden has been undergoing treatment for alcohol and substance abuse issues.

The insider added that Panettiere was doing what she had to for a full recovery. Currently, Hayden is reportedly staying in Los Angeles to be around her immediate family, a source who spoke with E! Online explained.

According to People Magazine's source, Hayden wants to be incredibly open and honest about what happened in her relationship with Brian Hickerson. Hayden is doing her best to get her life back on track and will no longer associate with abusive men.

Furthermore, Hayden wants to be a vocal advocate in the fight against domestic violence. As it was previously reported, Hayden was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend earlier this month following multiple arrests.

The couple has been in the news media a number of times over the last few months, including when it was reported that the father of Hayden's child, Wladimir, has reportedly been behind her every step of the way. He lives in Ukraine with his and Hayden's daughter.

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