Hannah Brown Admits Her Bachelorette Season Finale Did Not End As She'd Expected!

Hannah Brown Admits Her Bachelorette Season Finale Did Not End As She'd Expected!
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It looks like Hannah Brown had quite the experience while on The Bachelorette. The reality TV celeb is not going to spoil it for the fans if she is engaged or not but she did share, during an interview for ET, that her season did not end how she had expected it to.

‘I will tell you that I am happy and, ultimately, this season is not how I thought it would be. It doesn't mean that it's not good. I think that it happened the way that it was supposed to, and feel very excited and blessed to have the opportunity that I have had and feel very good and want you all to see what it is. I cannot really tell you much more,’ she told the news outlet.

Furthermore, just before the finale was shot, host Chris Harrison talked to ET as well, claiming that he was not so sure Hannah would get the proposal she was dreaming of at the start of her season.

According to him, there was some serious drama between the men on the show which kept escalating to the point that it may have been difficult to get past.

Hannah still insisted she was happy but did note that she was not the whole season.

Some of the drama occurred during the premiere when Hannah discovered one of the men was in a relationship already.

She made sure to send him home immediately!

And since in the trailer she is shown clapping back at several other men, she explained that ‘The 'Beast' came out when necessary, and that was more than I thought. I want fierce, unconditional, wholehearted love. And that is making sure I know this is for real and somebody is there for me and will love me in my high points as well as my low points.’

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