Halle Berry Breaks The Internet Again By Sharing Kiss With Lena Waithe, Hours After Doing It With This Picture

Halle Berry Breaks The Internet Again By Sharing Kiss With Lena Waithe, Hours After Doing It With This Picture
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Halle Berry is breaking the Internet after she locked lips with Lena Waithe, who is engaged to Alana Mayo, on the Jimmy Kimmel show. This month, the actress has been busy grabbing headlines.

For example, she has decided to address recent discussions about her body that started when a photo showing her cooking topless started circulating the Internet.

However, according to Berry herself, the tattoo is not real and was just for fun -- and she insisted that her fans calm down over the non-issue.

She also added that cooking topless was nothing new under the sun for her, and she was quite used to doing things that way.

In the same interview, she also showed her back to her host, James Corden, proving that she does not, in fact, have the controversial tattoo.


According to Berry, the tattoo was done mostly for fun, but it was also an experiment to see what kinds of designs fit her best in preparation for a new role.

Berry claimed that fans are going to see her trying out different ideas in the coming months and should not get alarmed, especially those who might have a thing or two against tattoos and other similar body modifications.

She explained: "I am starting a new movie in a few months and so I'm trying out different tattoos to see what will fit best for my character, and I'm discovering how long they will last, how much wear I would get out of one, so I know how much it's all going to cost. You’ll see me in the months ahead in many different tattoos that I’m trying out."


Some of Berry's fans have been defending her since the incident, claiming that they liked the idea of the actress experimenting with her looks more actively and trying out new things.

Moreover, in the end, someone in her position should have the full right to go after any kinds of body mods that they might be interested in.

After all, her job revolves around expressing herself in different unique ways, and what better example for that than experimenting with multiple different visual designs?

Earlier today, Berry shared a provocative photo where her stomach is visible, and she seems in top shape. Fans are going crazy over the latest picture.

One of them stated: "I can’t have the love of my life posting like this on the gram, take this down 🙄😅."

A second follower stated: "😔 When you realize both her hands are in the picture, so she couldn't be the one who took the picture 😢."

What do you think of the way Berry interacts with her fans on social media?

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