Ariel Winter Confident And Happier Than Ever After Her Complete Transformation!

Ariel Winter Confident And Happier Than Ever After Her Complete Transformation!
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Ariel Winter has made some changes and she loves it! After losing some weight, getting toned and dyeing her hair red, the Modern Family actress is more confident than ever and loves to show the transformation off.

It’s also encouraged her to focus more on herself, taking the whole self-care process to a whole new level!

One source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Ariel has been completely focused on self-care, especially within the last year. She’s always been extremely confident, but now more so than ever since she has leaned out and toned up. She drinks a lot of water and doesn’t really drink alcohol, either. She also doesn’t go out and party and is usually in bed at a very reasonable hour.

‘She’s very low key and more of a homebody and enjoys eating in or cooking. It’s no surprise she’d want to change her look so drastically with her hair color just because she’s feeling so good about herself.’

As fans of the 21-year-old actress remember, she first showed off her new fiery locks at the beginning of this month as she was leaving the salon.

It was definitely a massive change from her usually long black hair but she regrets nothing!

Every time she is spotted out and about, she looks happy and comfortable flaunting the hair, as well as her new hard abs.

In other words, she’s been rocking a lot of crop tops and other clothes that highlight her slimmer figure.

Not only that but the star is also super happy about the fact that she got a breast reduction surgery when she was younger as it pushed her to want to work out more since it was comfortable to do it without her ample chest.

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