Ariel Winter And Luke Benward - Inside Their Romantic Quarantine Time That's Keeping Her Sane!

Ariel Winter And Luke Benward - Inside Their Romantic Quarantine Time That's Keeping Her Sane!
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Ariel Winter and Luke Benward are one of the many couples sharing the quarantine together and for some, the isolation has been really affecting their relationships! The same thing cannot be said about the celebs, however, as they are doing great!

In fact, one insider dished via HollywoodLife that he is ‘her rock’ and that he really ‘knows how to make her feel better.’

The actress is very grateful to have her boyfriend during this time.

She cannot wait for the lockdown to be over already but at least having Luke by her side has made the quarantine much more bearable.

The source told the news outlet that ‘Ariel does not know how she could've handled all of this without Luke. He is her rock, any time she's down he knows how to make her feel better. He is much more than only a boyfriend to her, he is truly her best friend. They can spend many hours doing nothing and it’s fun because they are together.’

‘And she loves hanging out with his family as well, she is very close to them too. Of course, just like everybody else, Ariel's getting antsy. She and Luke had a lot of travel plans that just had to be put on hold. They really want to go somewhere amazing with all of their friends as soon as they can,’ they went on to also dish.

Ariel and Luke have been staying indoors most of the time but that is not to say that they don’t also go out to get some fresh air while still being careful and safe.

While it's only trips to the grocery store or to other essential places, they usually go together to get their dose of freedom and to change the vibe as a couple.

Not too long ago, they were seen going to the post office and they were all smiles and even packed some sweet PDA!

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