Ariel Winter And Luke Benward - Inside Their Plans To Get Married One Day!

Ariel Winter And Luke Benward - Inside Their Plans To Get Married One Day!
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Ariel Winter and Luke Benward seem to be really happy together and in love but they are still very young! With that being said, are they ready to take the next step in their relationship?

Well, one insider report claims to know that the 22 and 25 year olds are actually definitely thinking about marriage and have even discussed such future plans!

Allegedly, Ariel sees ‘l ong-term potential ’ in Luke Benward even though at this point they have been romantically involved for just a little while.

The two were first caught in each other’s company back in October but ever since then, they have been virtually inseparable!

A couple of sources close to the Modern Family star dished via HollywoodLife that the lovebirds have definitely discussed marriage.

This comes after they spent the last few months in quarantine together, giving them the perspective they needed to decide whether they can see each other as their spouse or not.

One insider tells the news outlet that ‘Ariel and Luke are going strong and they’ve definitely discussed their future together. Ariel not only sees long term potential in Luke, but she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. Marriage has been a topic of discussion, but Luke’s younger sister, Gracie, 22, just got engaged last month, so she doubts Luke would be popping the question anytime soon.’

‘Plus, she knows if they’re going to be together forever, they have all the time in the world to figure things out so there’s no need to rush any of it or put a label on things. Ariel is super chill about it all and she’s just happy being with Luke. Luke is Ariel’s whole world. She’s totally a part of his family and knows him so well. They were friends for so long before they got together so they really have a solid foundation for the relationship.’

They also stressed that everyone in their inner circle thinks they are a great match so they really believe Ariel Winter Luke Benward will be together for a really long time.

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