Granger Smith And Wife Amber Reveal Their Son River Saved Two Lives In Emotional Instagram Message

Granger Smith And Wife Amber Reveal Their Son River Saved Two Lives In Emotional Instagram Message
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Granger Smith and his wife Amber are still grieving the loss of their 3-year-old son River. The little boy died of a tragic drowning in June.

Although daily life is a struggle for the parents, they managed to find a little bit of solace when they learned their baby boy saved the lives of two people. Amber opened up about their decision to donate River's organs over the weekend in an emotional social media message.

"I've always known I wanted to be a donor if anything were to ever happen to me. I just felt that if I had viable organs, why would I go into the ground with them? My spirit would be in Heaven, so why not save a life if I could? Never in a million years did I think I would be making that decision for my baby," the post began.

Amber continues to share the doctors were crystal clear River had no brain activity. He would never wake up. Once she and Granger wrapped their heads around their new reality , they began talking to doctors about organ donation.

Even though it was a process that took days, Granger and Amber ultimately knew they had to do something. They both firmly believe River's spirit is in Heaven, but his body was still on earth, and his organs were in perfect condition. She continued by detailing the process.

"The next morning family and staff lined the hall for the "walk of honor." We told them River liked to go fast, so to honor him, they pushed him down that hall faster than they had ever pushed anyone. Granger and I held each other and cried. We got the letter that our tiny, red-headed hero gave life to 2 adults. A 49-year-old woman and a 53-year-old man. I cried when we opened it," Amber expressed.

Amber and Granger Smith made the conscious decision to donate their little boy's organs. Now they are encouraging others to do so, as well as sharing their well wishes for the two people whose lives were saved thanks to River Smith.

"I pray these 2 recipients live healthy, joy filled, full throttle lives just like Riv. It was one of the hardest, yet easiest, decisions we've ever made. There are over 113,000 people waiting for transplants & 20 people die each day waiting. Go to to see how you can help give life as well," the Instagram message concluded.


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