Granger Smith Gets Candid About 3-Year-Old Son's Tragic Death In New Video

Granger Smith Gets Candid About 3-Year-Old Son's Tragic Death In New Video
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Two weeks after losing their three year old, Granger Smith and his wife Amber Bartlett are trying their best to go on. The country singer also took to social media to post a very heartbreaking video in which they got candid about their son’s tragic drowning.

The clip is a way for the parents to pay tribute and remember their child, River Kelly.

The couple has been married for almost a decade and they also share 7 year old London and 5 year old Lincoln.

On June 6, when the painful tragedy took place, the parents confess that their lives were changed forever.

Mentioning that it started like any other night, the father went on to recall that ‘We were doing gymnastics in the yard and the boys were playing a water gun fight. I remember thinking, I was looking at London, as she was doing gymnastics and I thought, 'Soak up this moment because it's not going to last forever. Somewhere between 30 seconds and three minutes Amber and I are inside our pool gate doing CPR on our son.’

But despite their great efforts as well as the ones of Dell Children's Medical Center’s first responders at the scene, the three year old could unfortunately not be saved.

Granger and Amber decided to at least give other kids a chance at life by donating their baby’s organs.

‘I think the platform that we immediately stand for is love those close to you, soak up those moments, live for today, live in the present because we're not guaranteed tomorrow. What happened to us that night defied all possibilities. We believe that God gave us River for three years and that was his mission. I don't believe that God takes anyone too soon,’ Granger explained.

Check out the whole YouTube  video to learn more about their experience and dealing with the horrible loss in a healthy way.

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