Gisele Bundchen Shows Support To Hubby Tom Brady Just In Time For His Super Bowl Game With Sweet Message

Gisele Bundchen Shows Support To Hubby Tom Brady Just In Time For His Super Bowl Game With Sweet Message
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Gisele Bundchen is a very supportive wife! The supermodel took to her Instagram account earlier today to share a sweet message to her husband Tom Brady as he and his team the New England Patriots are getting ready to play at the super bowl.

This game is particularly important, and it is not just because it is at such a big and prestigious event.

According to multiple reports, this will be his last before retiring so a bit of encouragement is welcome.

One source shared with HollywoodLife that Tom ‘is excited for Sunday and wants to prove to the world he still has it. He loves that his entire family will be in town, that his Mom is healthy this year and everything is as good as it can get.’

‘Winning this Super Bowl would solidify so much for Tom and prove to himself, his haters and everyone that he actually is the GOAT! His legacy is very important to him and winning seals up quite a bit of legacy and peace of mind. This Super Bowl is gearing up to be his most important.’

The model posted a pic of her man kneeling on a football field and smiling as Gisele can be seen hugging him from behind.

‘I got your back! ❤️,’ she wrote in the caption. So sweet!

Fans know all too well that Gisele is one of the most dedicated cheerleaders among the football player wives.

She often shows her hubby public support at his many games.

Gisele has also been there for him at each and every Super Bowl that he was a part of.

Previously, after learning that Tom got a spot at the Super Bowl 53 this Sunday, she did not waste any time to congratulate him on social media.

The two have been married for a decade and seem to be just as in love as on their first day.

Furthermore, it looks like the years they spent together have helped them develop an unbreakable bond.

It probably helps that they are also bound together by their three kids.

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