T.I. Rolls Out The Rules For The ATL Super Bowl: 'May The Culture Commence'

T.I. Rolls Out The Rules For The ATL Super Bowl: 'May The Culture Commence'
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T.I. was in the spotlight recently in relation to the Super Bowl after he shaded Travis Scott. Rapper Tip has recently suggested that Travis might have acted selfishly for accepting to sing at the Super Bowl halftime show.

But it seemed that Travis was not bothered at all by Tip’s opinion on the matter.

A source who is close to the situation addressed it for the online magazine Hollywood Life and had some pretty exciting things to say.

Now, Tip is back, and he's listing the so-called rules for the Super Bowl. Check out his latest post below.

Someone commented 'On God Pahahahahaha @troubleman31 I Experienced Every Aspect Of These Laws!'

Another follower said 'I'm not from the US I'm from Trinidad🇹🇹 , but this is soooo funny. I respect you and Tiny so much...hope you guys come visit us for our carnival March 4&5....just wish I could see you. Keep in love and keep growing together.'

Someone else wrote this in the comments section: 'Shiiiiid this sound like LA on the koo. Except add a little side note that the police ain’t there for you, they’ll run yo pockets too!😅'

One commenter believes that 'In my opinion. I just think he is giving some rules and guidelines for the traffic Atlanta is going to receive due to the Super Bowl. I don’t think this has anything to do with the NFL.'

Other than this, Tip is more than proud these days of his kids, and the latest beauty he flaunted on social media was his little Heiress Harris.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT