Fan Theories On Why The Divorce Announcement From Gisele Bündchen Seemed To Diss Tom Brady

Fan Theories On Why The Divorce Announcement From Gisele Bündchen Seemed To Diss Tom Brady
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Fans are under the impression that Gisele Bündchen cast a negative light on Tom Brady following the announcement of the couple's divorce on Friday.

Users of social media who pay close attention to detail noticed the supermodel's unique choice of language in her message, which sought to make it apparent that she has always placed her family first, in contrast to Brady, who allegedly chose football over mending their marriage.

The well-being of our children, whom I adore with all of my being, has always been and will remain my primary concern. Bündchen, 42, said. We are committed to continuing our role as co-parents to provide our children with the love, care, and attention they so well deserve.

Her comment was in contrast to the one made by the quarterback of an NFL team, who wrote, "We are blessed with gorgeous and amazing children who will remain to be the focus of our life in every way." Her message was published on Twitter.

Brady, 45 years old, added that he and his wife would continue collaborating as parents to ensure their children always get the love and care they deserve. Users on Twitter were eager to point out the contrast in tone between Bündchen and Brady's remarks.

The true laugh-out-loud moment comes when Gisele Bündchen emphasizes that "my focus has always been and will continue to be our children whom I love with all of my heart." Someone posted alongside a gif depicting a chef kissing a waitress.

And another one said, "my priority," not "our priority," which I didn't miss. So, Gisele, I understand, and thank you for providing a screenshot of Bündchen's statement.

Two utterly contradictory accounts of what happened during the divorce... A third commenter said, "Good for Gisele; I love how she mentioned my focus become we know Brady doesn't give af about her or the kids." The idea that the couple's divorce was amicable was shot down by those who heard it.

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