Gerard Canonico Comes Out With Similar Accusations Against Lea Michele - 'You Were Nothing But A Nightmare'

Gerard Canonico Comes Out With Similar Accusations Against Lea Michele - 'You Were Nothing But A Nightmare'
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Lea Michele has been a top of the media headlines over the last few weeks after she posted a social media message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Following her benevolent message, a number of her castmates slammed her on social media, accusing her of making their lives terrible on the set of Glee and other productions . A source who spoke with Page Six recently stated that the production of Glee was already quite "difficult to begin with."

And Lea's purported behavior made things a lot worse for everyone involved. According to the insider, her actions on set would often postpone filming and, in many cases, would lead to crew members working extremely long days, including 15 and 18 hours shifts.

Moreover, the source said that Lea would snap at directors and other crew members. She was "well aware of her disgusting behavior," the insider remarked. Another person came out to comment on his experiences as well, Gerard Canonico.

Gerald wrote a long comment on his Instagram in which he said she was a "nightmare" to him, and nearly everyone else who worked on the set. Especially "understudy cast members," Gerald remarked. Canonico wrote in an Instagram comment that the first time he revealed his side of the story, she deleted the remarks.

Gerald went on to say that he tried for years to be nice to her, but nothing ever worked. Gerald then argued that she should probably say sorry to people, rather than blame it on the way people ostensibly "perceived" her to be.

Reportedly, Canonico, 30, worked as an understudy for all the male roles in the musical. As it was previously reported, Gerald's remarks come not long after Samanta Ware's story, in which she claimed that Lea made her life a "living hell."

In response to the controversy, Lea claimed she was supporting "our friends, neighbors, and communities of color" during the protest. She said she has since reevaluated how her behavior was perceived by others, but her apology letter didn't go down well either.

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