Georgina Chapman - Here's How She's Been Dealing With Ex-Husband Harvey Weinstein's Sentence!

Georgina Chapman - Here's How She's Been Dealing With Ex-Husband Harvey Weinstein's Sentence!
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Georgina Chapman ended things with the disgraced Hollywood director over two years ago but she is still rebuilding her life. That being said, after Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of rape and sent to jail, people have been wondering how she’s been coping with the verdict.

In light of all the sexual misconduct accusations against Harvey, the Marchesa co-founder announced in October of 2017 that she would be leaving him.

The two had been married since 2007 and share two kids together.

The divorce was finalized in 2018 and Georgina received not only the primary custody of 9-year-old India and 6-year-old Dashiell but also an estimated $15-20 million!

Even though it was the best decision in that situation, the woman cannot help but feel really sad about her family’s future due to Harvey’s trouble with the law.

One source tells E! News that ‘There's no winning in this situation, just sadness all around. She is sad for all the women who have been affected by Harvey's actions. She's sad for her kids whose lives have been changed forever. She's sad their father will likely be in prison and that they will not have much of a relationship with him. She's still heartbroken and grieving for all of the victims. The pain of it all will never go away.’

Thankfully, the fashion designer has a ‘big support system’ which means there is a lot of help from close people for her and the young ones.

Regardless, however, she still finds it really hard to move on with her life after the huge scandal involving her ex-husband.

As you know, Harvey has been found guilty of two counts of rape and this is something she expected.

Because Georgina was well aware this was coming, ‘she wanted to be prepared for her children and what this would mean for them. She's had some contact with Harvey but he does not see the kids much. It is a very sad time for everyone who has been impacted.’


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