Georgina Chapman Seeks Comfort In Adrien Brody Following Weinstein Conviction

Georgina Chapman Seeks Comfort In Adrien Brody Following Weinstein Conviction
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Following Harvey Weinstein's conviction on two of the charges he was faced with, the former powerhouse producer is headed off to prison while his ex-wife is hanging around the actor, Adrien Brody. Page Six claims that it was revealed last fall that the 43-year-old fashion designer and the 46-year-old Hollywood star were an item.

A source who spoke with the New York Post's Page Six claimed they're still seeing each other on a regular basis. Even though Adrien and Chapman had encountered each other in the past, a connection between them emerged after they were both invited to a fashion show in Puerto Rico.

Photographs of the couple made them look comfortable as they sat across from each other over dinner with some of their inner circle. Following the Weinstein scandal, Chapman claimed she had temporarily moved on from dating, however, insiders claim she has found a lot of support in Brody.

The Daily Mail was the first to reveal they may have been dating. As it was noted above, Weinstein was convicted on two of the sex abuse charges he was slapped with on Monday. Currently, employees at Riker's Island are eagerly awaiting the disgraced producer's arrival after he gets back from Bellevue hospital.

Sources claim that Weinstein won't be given any special treatment by the guards or the inmates, no matter if he tries. A jail employee who spoke with the outlet claimed the producer has been on the top of the minds of Riker's Island employees.

People are excited to see him in there, "he's in a for a shock," the source added. When Page Six asked what it was like to stay in the North Infirmary Command, where Harvey is purportedly headed, the insider claimed that no one wanted to be in there because it was chaos, with "p*ss and s**t being thrown around."

With all that said, the insider admitted that the more money and connections a person has, the less likely they'll have to spend a long time on Riker's Island.

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