General Hospital Spoilers: Cynthia Watros Takes Over For Michelle Stafford As Nina Reeves Next Week

General Hospital Spoilers: Cynthia Watros Takes Over For Michelle Stafford As Nina Reeves Next Week
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General Hospital spoilers reveal that Cynthia Watros will take over the role as Nina Reeves next week following the news Michelle Stafford was leaving the show.

Three months ago the soap opera world was shocked when it was revealed not only was Stafford out as Nina on GH , but she was returning to The Young & The Restless as Phyllis Summer Abbott.

The news meant two things to fans. First, Gina Tognoni, who was currently playing the role of Phyllis on Y&R , was out.

Second was the role of Nina would either have to be recast, or the character would need to leave Port Charles. Since GH is in the middle of a couple of different storylines involving the role of Nina, the later was unlikely. It would have been unfair to fans to rush those stories simply to avoid having to recast the role.

Weeks later GH announced Lost alum Cynthia Watros would be coming on as the new Nina. TV Inside r broke the news Watros will first air on Monday, which means fans have now seen the last of Stafford as Nina.

Watros is no stranger to the daytime soap opera genre. She previously starred on Y&R as Kelly Andrews, as well as did a quick stint on Another World as Vicky Hudson. Since she knows her way around a soap set, stepping back into the high paced production schedule was no problem for the actress.

It is never easy for fans to accept a new person in a role. Stafford is a fan favorite for sure, even if some agree the character of Nina is not necessarily vital to GH . Watros is prepared to endure some criticism and backlash when she first appears in the role. However, she is hoping in time, she can add another layer to the character.

Unfortunately, the fact that Stafford is Nina one day and Watros the next makes it more challenging for viewers. It can be more comfortable when there is a period the character is off the screen before a new actor is brought into the role.

Cynthia Watros will make her debut as Nina Reeves on General Hospital, Monday, June 17th. The two ladies know each other and having nothing but positive things to say about the casting switcheroo.

GH fans are you prepared to see a new actress playing Nina?


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