Gabrielle Union Gets Mom-Shamed After Posting New Baby Kaavia Video -- Is This Such A Big Deal For Dwayne Wade's Child?

Gabrielle Union Gets Mom-Shamed After Posting New Baby Kaavia Video -- Is This Such A Big Deal For Dwayne Wade's Child?
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Look, who is all grown up! Gabrielle Union's baby girl, Kaavia, has now moved on to solid food, and she is making the sweetest messes for her family to clean up.

Dwyane Wade's daughter is featured in a hilarious clip where she tried avocado for the first time, and she hated.

Gabrielle explained: "1st day trying solid foods. Didnt go well. @kaaviajames 1 Avocado 0 👼🏾She is not pleased. Wait till she sees her lunch 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤔😳🥴."

The second day, mama Gabrielle decided to give cutie pie Kaavia delicious butternut squash, and she loved it.

The actress posted a series of videos where the four-month-old is feasting on squash and captioned them: "Butternut squash in Wade County for the win!! @kaaviajames has found her joy folks, and it's NOT avocado 🥴 @dwyanewade tried butternut squash yesterday, and today Kaav can't get enough! Enjoy the montage! Cheers to the weekend and trying new stuff!"

Gabrielle is getting mommy-shammed for feeding Kaavia solids at four months old. While The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends waiting until babies are 6 months of age before parents can introduce solid foods, other medical experts say four months is ideal for some babies.

One person said: "Honestly, that is what I was thinking about myself. Like dang... “no bib, how are they going to get that out... wait, nevermind! That baby will not wear the same thing twice”Wooooow, Shady Baby you on solids already??!?!?! Well go head girl and get yo Squash on LOL such a sassy lil miss!"

Another commenter stated: "That’s right niece avocado 🥑 don’t make everybody happy 😃. #squashforthewin 💪🏽 That's what I was thinking!! $50 onesie? No big deal. Just toss it. Lol!!Thank you for sharing her and your life with us. It's so sweet to watch. Moments like this.✌🏾❤
But I am shocked her pediatrician has her eating those heavy veggies this early. Most keep them on milk. IJS. Her parents know best."

This fan revealed: "She AINT feeling the squash!!! Move onto the collard greens!!! 🤣How is she eating solids already? She just got here 😭 why is time flying so quickly? She’s about to be walking and talking next week😩❤️❤️❤️🤣Get her a bib now lol 😆 cute little baby girl. Too cute gab❤️❤️ she will love sweet potatoes n sweet peas when you get around to it oh yeah don't forget about green beans."

When do you think babies are ready to begin eating solid foods?

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