Future Channels His Drama Into Music: 'I Don't Know Her Name But She Had My Child'

Future Channels His Drama Into Music: 'I Don't Know Her Name But She Had My Child'
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Future is quickly becoming one of hip-hop's most infamous playboys. Instead of releasing an official statement regarding his multiple paternity cases, the rapper has channeled it into his music.

Future has made a name for himself by expressing his real feelings (especially the sad ones) in his catchy music. He's had lyrics speaking from everything about his past as a drug dealer to his breakup with Ciara.

Now he is ready to talk about his current drama with model Eliza Reign and one other woman. They both claim that they gave birth to the musician's baby and he has been an absent father.

Eliza made her thoughts public when she livestreamed via Instagram.

'I done been through mental abuse, emotional abuse…he think he got it all. He think he smarter than everybody, I don’t give a f*** about none of the baby mamas. You not gonna keep trying me!'

Meanwhile, Future has been treating his sixth baby mother, Joie Chavis, with love and care. She recently showed off the expensive watch and lavish vacation that he treated her with for her birthday.

As a response to Reign, he posted on his Instagram Story: 'H*** stole my last name.'

He is echoing that statement in a new song he is recording.

During a clip shared to social media, Future raps: 'I don’t know her name but she had my child.'

Eliza has filed a paternity suit against the Mask Off rapper but the latest reports claim that she can't afford to fight him!

She asked the court to wave the legal fees because she doesn't have enough money to pat them since giving birth to her baby girl.

The model spoke about her financial issues previously when she wrote a clapback to a commentator: 'I lost over 100K having my lil angel. Lost wages and spent a great chunk of my savings. Haven’t been able to work since I was 5 months pregnant. Closed down one of my physical location of one of my businesses because I didn’t have reliable help to fill in my absence.'

What do you think of Future's lyrics?

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