Fresh Out Of Jail Ryan Edwards Blames Maci Bookout For His Relationship With His Son

Fresh Out Of Jail Ryan Edwards Blames Maci Bookout For His Relationship With His Son
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It’s been ten years since Teen Mom OG premiered on MTV, and the original cast members recently sat down for a reunion to talk about the most recent season, as well as what it’s been like living their lives in front of cameras for a decade. During the special, star Ryan Edwards - who has been in and out of jail and rehab over the past couple of years - claimed that it was his ex Maci Bookout’s fault that he has such a bad relationship with their 10-year-old son, Bentley.

Both Bookout and Edwards appeared on part one of the reunion special along with their respective spouses, Taylor McKinney and Mackenzie Standifer , and Maci and Taylor said that things have been good since they got a restraining order against Edwards.

"This past year of not talking to each other has been good," said Bookout. "I've been able to work through my process of what I think about him."

Taylor added that things with Edwards were “fine,” but host Dr. Drew noted that for Bentley to have a better relationship with his dad, the best course of action might be to drop the restraining order.

When it was Edwards and Standifer’s turn to talk, Standifer agreed with Dr. Drew, saying that it would be a good idea for Bookout to lift the restraining order so her husband could improve his relationship with his son. Edwards also claimed that it was all Bookout’s fault that things aren’t great between him and Bentley.

Edwards also talked about why he was in jail between January and April, and he claimed that he was doing well with his sobriety since he’s been home.

"I was tired of being on probation so I just completed my probation in jail," said Edwards, "Mine started out with painkillers and addiction wasn't even thought of. I was like, 'You can't get addicted to anything.'"

Edwards also claimed that he once said he would “never use a needle,” but that all changed when he started using heroin. The 31-year-old says that we would “love” to be sober forever.

Standifer also said that her and Edwards’ marriage is going strong, and they have a “great open line of communication.”

“I really love living life with my best friend,” said Standifer said of Ryan Edwards.


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