Former Teen Mom Stars Jenelle Evans And David Eason Can Still Adopt A Dog After He Killed Nugget

Former Teen Mom Stars Jenelle Evans And David Eason Can Still Adopt A Dog After He Killed Nugget
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Former Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and David Eason may have just lost a beloved pet due to Eason’s animal cruelty, but a new report claims the controversial couple can still adopt a new dog. The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control Unit are currently investigating Eason, but apparently, he and Evans are still eligible to adopt a pet at their local Humane Society.

According to TMZ, the Columbus Humane Society in Whiteville, North Carolina, doesn’t do background checks. This means that Evans and Eason can fill out an application just like anyone else who is interested in adopting a dog. The application includes questions about other pets in the home, asks if the applicant has ever returned an adopted pet, and also requests contact information.

If local officials want to prevent Evans and Eason from adopting, animal control or law enforcement will have to submit the proper documents to the Humane Society explaining why the applicant’s home is too dangerous for a pet.

Columbus County authorities are investigating Eason after he brutally beat and shot the family’s French bulldog, Nugget. Eason claims the dog nipped at their 2-year-old daughter Ensley, which led him to kill the canine.

Eason was reportedly covered in blood after he grabbed the dog by the throat, slammed him on the ground, threw him into the kitchen table, and then took him to the woods and shot him.

Insiders say that Eason punched the dog repeatedly in the head, and everyone in the home was too scared to stop him. After beating the animal, Eason allegedly threw him outside and then grabbed a pistol and a shotgun.

Sources also claim that Eason had wanted to kill Nugget for a while, and the murder was premeditated.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office did visit Evans and Eason’s home for a welfare check, and after a report of animal abuse, they started their investigation.

As a result of this horrific and tragic incident, MTV fired Evans from Teen Mom 2 . The network fired Eason in February 2018 after a homophobic Twitter rant.

Teen Mom 2 has started filming for the new season without Jenelle Evans, and they have already replaced her with Jade Cline from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant.


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