Fat Joe's Son, Ryan, Calls Him Delusional In New Video For This Reason

Fat Joe's Son, Ryan, Calls Him Delusional In New Video For This Reason
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Fat Joe's son seems to have a thing for rap himself, and he has been trying to follow his father's footsteps as best as he could.

However, the famous rapper wants his son to learn a valuable lesson in life -- that being the son of a renowned rapper is not an automatic guarantee for success.

In fact, Ryan might have a lot of work ahead of him if he wants to make it big in the rap world.

Fat Joe even pointed out that being the son of someone already famous in the industry could actually make it more difficult for him to stand out.

In a clip of Growing Up Hip Hop New York , Fat Joe explained: "A lotta people man, they don't understand that it's harder for a successful [rapper's] son or his daughter to become successful in the hip hop game. It's almost impossible. All of them tried it."

However, Ryan fired back, pointing out that Jaden Smith has been enjoying a lot of success, despite his somewhat funny nature.

Fat Joe hit back with: "You know that boy put out like, ten mixtapes before he popped off. I can tell you about fifty rapper's sons that never made it. Every rapper's son, who tried to make it fell short. This hip hop game is a constant hustle. There's no way around it. No money is guaranteed. You have to continue to hustle."

However, Fat Joe may have a point.

Ryan believes his exposure off the bat and motivation will help him out. However, he will also be criticized more in his early years, a time when he might not be ready to show his skills to the whole world.

Many rappers manage to rise to fame slowly and gradually, going through the ranks and building a following of their own.

However, when someone already has a lot of fame attached to their name by default, this could set some major expectations for them.

It looks like things are getting a bit heated between Fat Joe and his son too, as Ryan has recently referred to his father as "delusional," claiming that he doe not know what he is talking about.

The future will decide which side is right.

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