Cardi B Addresses Reports She Was Beefing With 10-Year-Old White Boys -- Kylie Jenner Will Not Like This

Cardi B Addresses Reports She Was Beefing With 10-Year-Old White Boys -- Kylie Jenner Will Not Like This
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It seems like Cardi B may be moving in a bit of a strange direction with her beefs, as she has apparently decided to come up against a bunch of 10-year-old kids -- quadruplets, who are known as Hollywood, Slim Z, Bonez McKoy, and Mr. Great -- who had recently released a diss track against her and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

However, there is more to the story. Many of Cardi's own fans were laughing at the ridiculous nature of the situation, but it had appeared as if the femcee was deeply entrenched in her beef.

The original diss track comprised mostly of typical teenager insults mocking Cardi's teeth, something most adults would scoff or laugh at.

The song states: "I don’t know what’s faker, your life, or your butt. You belong in a zoo. They could fix your teeth, but they couldn’t fix your face.”

Cardi B stated that the boys should mind their own business and stop trying to stir thing up. She added: "Not gonna let no little f*cking white boys come at me all motherf*cking day long. Motherf*cking shut the f *ck up and stay in your motherfu*king place. Go drink your mother*cking milk, bitch. F *ck."

Many had been enjoying the situation, and some were asking why is Cardi B getting deeper and deeper into her beef with her tiny and vicious enemies?

Others said they hope this does not drag her down too far, as her reputation has already suffered on other fronts recently, and this could potentially create some very real problems for her.

Cardi has decided to address the matter by posting a new video where she explained that she was bashing the people who came after her after Travis Scott's Netflix documentary showed his anger after he did not receive a Grammy and Cardi did.

Cardi said this about Kylie Jenner's boyfriend: "First of all, I was talking about a fan base that was coming for me when it comes to album and Grammies, and people chopped my video to make it seem like I was talking about them kids. Second, why don’t ya go b*tch to the parents that got lil kids talking sh*t about others?"

The kids hit back by saying: “We wanted to show Cardi B not to be a bully and give her a taste of her own medicine. Cardi response made us feel like we’d done our job.”

To some, this whole episode is surreal.

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