Fat Joe Joins Cardi B In A Conversation About Blacks And Latinos In This Emotional Video

Fat Joe Joins Cardi B In A Conversation About Blacks And Latinos In This Emotional Video
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Cardi B has recently talked a lot about the presence of certain ethnic groups in hip-hop culture as well as the situation with Latinos in the Caribbean.

She specifically pointed towards her own Dominican roots while noting that she saw herself as black.

She said: "I'm not Mexican, bro. I'm not Mexican at all. First of all, I'm West Indian, and I'm Dominican. I speak Spanish because I'm Dominican. It's like, 'Oh, Cardi's Latin, she's not black.' And it's like, 'Bro, and my features don't come from f*cking white people f*cking, okay?' And they always wanna race-bait when it comes to me. That's why I have Afro features."

She also agreed that her views were far from universal, however, and acknowledged the fact that they were controversial for many.

And now, Fat Joe seems to have decided to join the discussion as well, making some rather shocking statements that have drawn some controversy to him.

According to the rapper, all music is African, although it was not clear if he was referring to his own music or the global scene in general.

It does seem like Fat Joe believes in the latter, though, as he also talked about how he has been trying to stay in tune with various African beats through his entire career.

Fat Joe also seems to agree with Cardi B on some points, although his views were a bit different from hers.

According to the rapper, he sees all Latinos as black, and then shifted the discussion towards Cuba, pointing out that there were eight million Cubans at one point, five million of whom were slaves.

He went on to talk about the integration of the rest of the population into the nation.

Fat Joe claimed: "All the music is African, but you right, even in Puerto Rico when you go to the Caribbean—alright, let's speak about Latinos not being black. Latinos are black. In Cuba, at one time, there were eight million Cubans. Five million, unfortunately, were slaves. Three million were actual Cubans, and the integrated and had babies — same thing with Puerto Rico when you go to Loíza. You talk about Santeria, that came from the motherland, Africa. Sometimes, Latinos may even identify themselves with African and black culture more than black people. This ain't no crazy thing. Fat Joe ain't on crack. He knows what he talkin' 'bout."

Many have applauded the MC for his remarks.

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