Farrah Abraham Throws Shade At Amber Portwood And Jenelle Evans For ‘Bad Choices’

Farrah Abraham Throws Shade At Amber Portwood And Jenelle Evans For ‘Bad Choices’
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Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham is throwing shade at Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans amid both their domestic struggles.

Portwood and Evans are dealing with some serious legal issues. The latter may have won her latest battle, but the war with her ex- Nathan Griffith and her mom Barbara is far from over.

TMZ caught up with Abraham, who was walking with her daughter Sophia, on Thursday as she was out and about in Los Angles. The website wasted no time asking her thoughts on her former costar Portwood using a hatchet to hit Andrew Glennon.

"What is a hatchet? Well, I am not trying to be mean, but I saw it coming because Amber doesn't have custody of Leah. I am pretty sure even though she is trying her hardest to be a great mom and have like a new opportunity to be a mom, um she has probably lost custody of her new child. She is just not good in relationships. Maybe being on Teen Mom hasn't made her tougher or learn her lessons," Abraham explains while looking at her daughter.

The reporter goes on to ask the former reality TV star if she thinks Portwood should seek help for all of her anger issues.

"Amber has always sought help and how much help do you need? I think she just needs to eliminate the things that are making her angry, which is a relationship. Maybe the production she works on. And that is what my therapist would probably say," she says with a little bit of struggling to find the right words.

Of course, the reporter could not let Abraham walk away without getting her two cents on Evans current legal and family drama.

"I really feel like Jenelle has chosen a bad relationship over her kids. And I feel really awful for her kids for that. I do wish Jenelle all the best, but again she is making all the wrong choices. She shouldn't stand with a man who shoots the dog. I think everyone on the earth would not stay with David. A woman of value would not stay with a man who is like that, so I am teaching my daughter better, and we are living our lives better," the former Teen Mom OG declared.

Farrah Abraham has thrown some serious shade at Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans, but she is not wrong. The only thing wrong with Abraham speaking her mind is that her daughter was clearly bored and annoyed in the video. She should have shut down the conversation much sooner.


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  • Patricia hodnett
    Patricia hodnett Jul 13, 2019 9:24 AM PDT

    How are you going talk about the "bad" choices they made when the choices you made don't shine bright light on you. Your choice of doing prno isn't putting you in a good light. No, Jennel nor Amber made good choices but they're not throwing shade at other people to prove they're right.

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