Farrah Abraham Reveals Her Relationship Status With Former Teen Mom Castmates

Farrah Abraham Reveals Her Relationship Status With Former Teen Mom Castmates
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During a conversation with Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham shared an update regarding her relationship status with her ex- Teen Mom co-stars. According to the mother-of-one, Farrah still talks to the creators of the series as well as the executives.

Farrah said she was on an "executive level," while speaking to the outlet at Regard Magazine's 10-year anniversary party earlier this week. Farrah added that she doesn't speak to anybody who has talked badly about her or tried to hurt her family.

Abraham went on to say that she hoped all of the other women did their best to succeed. "I think that's great!" the Teen Mom alum remarked. As it was previously reported, Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG back in October of 2017.

Reportedly, she lost her job due to her prior work in the adult entertainment industry as well as her behavior while on set. In an episode from March 2018, her firing was revealed in a conversation she had with the producer of the show, Morgan J. Freeman.

Freeman, 50, claimed that out of all the women on the show, she was the only one who they found challenging to work with. He added that she was "difficult." Freeman later brought up her past working in the porn industry, stating that while no one judges her for it, they can't continue working with her if she chooses that path.

Later, the star revealed why she thought to leave Teen Mom OG was the best choice for her to make. In a reunion episode in April 2018, Farrah shared that she felt so proud of herself for doing what was right. The star also claims people on the show were trying to "break (her) from (her) core."

In July 2018, it was announced by multiple outlets that Bristol Palin had taken Farrah's place in the series. At the time, Farrah appeared unfazed by Palin's entrance on the show.

The star stated she was going through a "family loss" at the time with the death of her dog, and she didn't care about Bristol either way because they'd never be able to replace her. In April 2019, Bristol also announced her exit from the series.

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