Bristol Palin Is Done With ‘Teen Mom’ - Will Not Return For A Second Season!

Bristol Palin Is Done With ‘Teen Mom’ - Will Not Return For A Second Season!
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It sounds like Bristol Palin is over the whole Teen Mom gig. The star took to social media to tell her followers that after a season on the reality TV series, she is done with it!

For the last two days, Bristol has been holding Q+A sessions on her IG Stories, making her feelings towards the popular series very clear while answering her followers’ burning questions.

That being said, Palin revealed that she is not planning on coming back for a second season of Teen Mom.

When one fan wondered if she would ‘stick with MTV after the way producers portrayed’ her, Bristol simply shook her head ‘no’ in a clip.

And that was not her only hint! One fan also asked her if she loved being a reality TV star and Bristol posted a pic of her looking skeptical, captioning it: ‘100% not my career.’

There is no doubt that she does not enjoy it even though she has appeared on other reality shows before as well.

As you may know, Bristol was part of Dancing with the Stars for two seasons and was also on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp shows aside from her gig on Teen Mom.

However, maybe she considers her public speaking to be her true calling instead.

Previously, she slammed the show’s producers, saying that ‘All they want with my little segment each week is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS.’

It really sounds like she had a terrible experience so it makes total sense she would not want to come back and a season was enough to realize this.

Are you disappointed she is likely not to return for a second season?

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