Meredith Vieira Dishes The View Drama Reveals She Was Blindsided When Elisabeth Hasselbeck Was Fired

Meredith Vieira Dishes The View Drama Reveals She Was Blindsided When Elisabeth Hasselbeck Was Fired
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Meredith Vieira is the latest former The View co-host to dish on all the behind the scenes drama. She recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight revealing she was blinded by Elisabeth Hasselbeck being fired after all their years together on the show.

"I loved working with Elisabeth. I think she was great. I felt like she was a daughter to me," Vieira recalled to ET at the Today show goodbye party for Kathie Lee Gifford.

This week has been full of The View drama involving the conservative Hasselbeck. First Rosie O'Donnell admitted to having a crush on her cohost, despite their drastically different life views. Then while promoting her new memoir, Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom, details of Hasselbeck's departure from the ABC talk show were revealed.

Vieira for her part tries to stay out of all the offset drama. She has not yet spoken out about the new book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View, written by Variety's Ramin Setoodeh. Several other ladies from the show dished about the show in the book but for her part, the former Today show co-host tries to keep to herself.

"Every job I've had, I go in, and I get out," Vieira explained to ET regarding how she manages to stay out of behind the scenes drama.

Although the 65-year-old did choose to remove herself from the drama that does not mean she did not have a close relationship with some of her cohosts. Vieira views Hasselbeck as a daughter. She worried about the 41-year-old doing their time on The View.

"I didn't know she'd been fired, I felt that they were trying to make her into the conservative voice and put words in her mouth, and I don't think that's a good place to be. When you're new in television, sometimes you agree to things you might not otherwise. And when you're trying to find your voice, it's important that that voice be authentic," she shared in regarding how she felt Hasselbeck and her conservative views were treated on the ABC show.

Meredith Vieira is not one to talk about other people. However, she is standing up for her former co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Vieira, always a class act and telling a valuable lesson about staying out of workplace drama.


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