Fantasia Barrino Shows Off Her Massive Christmas Tree While Wearing Lingerie In New Video

Fantasia Barrino Shows Off Her Massive Christmas Tree While Wearing Lingerie In New Video
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Diva Fantasia Barrino has delighted fans with a glamorous video where she is showing off her massive Christmas tree while she appears to be wearing sexy lingerie.

The singer posted a brief clip where she flaunts her toned legs while signing autographs. The American Idol has sweet Christmas music playing in the background.

However, fans are obsessed with her humongous tree that somehow is taller than the stairways that lead that the second floor of her mansion.

One shocked fan said: "You are a true soul singer you have Patti Aretha tina wrapped all on your voice you are a true singer I will always love you oh and a little sam cooke as well is in your voice you have a calling on your life, so don't let no devil distract you I hope to one day sing with you hell it doesn't have to be on record or a stage hell it can be in the kitchen living room where ever I just love you so much happy holidays beautiful chocolate mocha sister xoxoxoxo❤❤❤❤❤Wow... that is a huuuuuuge tree 🌲 😍I love the SOULFUL music in the BACKGROUND. And what a BEAUTIFUL TREE❤️...."

Another supporter in love with the impressive tree wrote: "What a beautiful tree! And a lovely home you have. Thank you, Miss Fantasia, you're such a beautiful young lady I love this posting here and that song it's the bomb God bless you happy holidays to you and your family. 🥰"

This backer shared: "You look so good, that tree thou. So proud of you, Fantasia, you have come so far and blossomed into this unique flower-like none ever seen or heard before... I have always been team Tasia since idol audition till now.❤️🔥"

In a recent interview on the Tammi Mac Show , the singer said she managed to obtain her sexy figure by eating right and exercising.

When the show’s host implied that Fantasia had the help of chefs and personal trainers, she decided to shut down the speculation.

She said: “A lot of artists that you see, they look like they have it, and we smile, and we come out, and we put on a good show, but in real life, some of them are struggling, and we don’t have it. I’m just now building myself back up. I lost everything twice. So, I cook my own food. I don’t need any chef. I’m from North Carolina; my grandma and my mama taught me how to cook.”

She added: “I’m just like you, sis. I’m just like you.”

What are your thoughts on the gigantic tree?

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