Fantasia Barrino Shares Rare Photos Of Her Gorgeous Mother, Diane, And Fans Rediscover This About The Duo

Fantasia Barrino Shares Rare Photos Of Her Gorgeous Mother, Diane, And Fans Rediscover This About The Duo
Credit: Instagram

As it turns out, Fantasia Barrino has a real-life twin -- her gorgeous mother, Diane Barrino.

The American Idol winner took to Instagram over the weekend, where she put a smile on her followers' faces with a series of photos of her loving mother, Diane.

The actress and author penned a heartfelt note for Diane as they were celebrating Mother's Day like millions of people all over the world. Fantasia's husband, Kendall Taylor, did the same for his warrior mother.

The diva, who is also a mom of two, confessed: "It's Mother's Day "Every day with your kids. We Love you Mommy! I know @vh1_teenybarrino is making Dinner for you, and it's going to be amazing!!! Mommy, we have seen you work Miracles for us as kids and Grownups. You have taught me how to be such a classy woman. I know my younger days I didn't listen, but you would say to me ( when you start to have children, you will understand), and now I do. I do things that the kids say ( you acting like Mama), and I say that's my Mama. I said that to say this, Mama ( all the things you've taught me LOOK GOOD ON ME) Happy Mother's Day Queen of a Queen."

Fans rushed in the comment section to point out the obvious, Diane pressed copy and paste when she gave birth to Fantasia.

One backer had the follower to say: "It's like looking in a mirror u are twins."

Another supporter explained: "Happy Mother's Day to you Diane, you are truly blessed to have such a phenomenal, sweet, caring, and loving daughter. Thanks for sharing your baby with the world and me !!❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️"

Kendall shared a few photos accompanied by this sweet message: "Mother's Day: @fused_wisdom - What day isn't a Mother's Day? You fed us while hiding in the room, not eating yourself at times. Bought me and @beardedtrader9 shoes when you only had two pair to wear to work. Took all my collect calls and still called the King out of me. Taught me character when my father was absent and held me to a standard I now hold other men to. Whatever I accomplish in this lifetime is symbolic as me being a strong seed that fell from a Great Tree! I love you, Mom."

Kendall's mother responded by: "@salute1st You always find the absolutely perfect words to bring warmth to my heart. Thank you for being my Son and for always showing me unconditional love. I love you, eternally. ❤️❤️❤️"

Fantasia is surrounded by a lot of love these days.


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