Fantasia Barrino Creates Controversy And Receives Praises With Photos Where She Is Wearing This Unique Dress

Fantasia Barrino Creates Controversy And Receives Praises With Photos Where She Is Wearing This Unique Dress
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Fantasia Barrino did not miss the opportunity to make another stunning impression on her fans at the recent New York Fashion Week, although some noted that her approach was quite unusual.

Instead of shelling out a lot of money for something extravagant like fans usually see at this event, Fantasia instead showed up with a one hundred dollar bill printed outfit that was quite unreal and sexy for the event's overall style.

However, reception to her looks was very positive, with many people noting that they were blown away by how amazingly she managed to carry herself and how well she rocked her sexy outfit.

The $100 print skirt and top combo received high praises, so did her stunning figure. Others commended Fantasia for her attention to detail, but a few people claimed that it was too much.

In any case, it does not seem like any of this has affected Fantasia herself too much, as she has continued to make one great impression after another to all her fans.

She is also made it clear that she is not going to be bothered by what people have to say about her, and she has continued on her path very strongly.

It is not like many people expected that she would slow down anyway, given that she is one of the more prominent celebrities right now, and she has maintained a very active profile as a whole.

One fan said: "Keep speaking Truth and walking in the spirit of God."

This critic shared: "So, I guess it’s ok being a black woman wearing a slave owner on your back🤨, oh 👌🏾."

Another commenter wrote: "Looking like money... lots of money 🔥Them legs are everything girl @tasiasword 🙌🏾"

In a new interview, Fantasia spoke about her new album, Sketchbook , and said this about her career: "I'm in control, now, of my destiny. I can literally go into a booth, and I can now show them what it is musically how I see things. What I love. And that's how we did it this whole entire album. Nothing sounds the same, but it all's beats people never heard from me. I always had somebody telling me what I could and could not do. When those doors opened, we ran through it, and we created a monster."

Fantasia is currently living her best life.

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